• Youth is a time of your life when you are footloose and fancy free!

    You're at the threshold of your life with so many things to look forward to ... dating, job, marriage, travelling and seeing the world. Suddenly, you realise that your life is not as care-free as it used to be.

    You're beginning to make more decisions for yourself – both big and small, and take on more responsibilities. With so many things happening to you and around you – it's exciting yet at the same time, too much of anything is bad. You may be overwhelmed and may find yourself feeling confused, blue and even depressed at times. This is the time when people your age are particularly vulnerable to mental health problems.

    CHAT is a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping youths with mental health concerns. We do this by raising awareness of youth mental health, and providing a free, confidential assessment service and mental health information.


    We also have a CHAT Hub (located at *SCAPE #05-05) with free wifi, refreshments, magazines, and board games for loan. Click here to know more about what we do and where we are located!


    Our CHAT Logo

    Building blocks represent the building of a relationship. The tilted block represents one person leaning on another, the support for another person.

    Both blocks are tilted as it gives the logo a sense of motion, giving it a more pro-active look and promotes action. The use of blue and lime green promises comfort and uplifting of lives.